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180 on God

By Runne, Self, Hill, Hammons

A book written for all those who may have given up on organized religion or church but have never lost their belief and connection with God. This book is not religious but rather a guide created with 180 questions answered by two pastors, a successful trial lawyer, and a believer yet infrequent church visitor. These four men from different walks of life share their perspectives on how God might view life’s daily interaction with Him.

Aully's Journal

By Helen Kline

The continuing saga of Blackfoot Indian Henry Kidd, now on the trail of a serial killer. A harrowing tale of love and loss, murder and redemption, that will keep the reader enthralled until the dramatic conclusion.

Circulating Source Water

By William Evans, MD

A monograph written by a retired medical doctor about humanity’s relationship with source. This story is constructed around a water conversation with a teenaged girl named Nettie, who is conflicted between her joyful childhood memories of connecting with nature and confusing unnecessary adult violence.

Enjoy Optimal Health

By Greg Feinsinger, M.D.

An accumulation of health tips written by Dr. Greg Feinsinger, M.D. and originally published as weekly columns in the Post Independent newspaper in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. In his book, Dr. Feinsinger offers tips on a number of topics, ranging from diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes, to everyday practices you can use to improve and maintain ideal health by switching to a plant-based whole (unprocessed) food diet with no salt, sugar, or added oil.

Garden To Table Cooking

By Linda Engel

Your garden is bursting with beautiful vegetables, or you’ve just filled your bag with produce at the farmers' market, but now what? Discover easy ways to bring that bounty to your table that will delight the taste buds. This cookbook provides easy, healthy, colorful and delicious recipes to bring the growing season’s flavors to your plate year-round. With recipes from savory to sweet, soups to salads and meats to vegetarian, Garden to Table Cooking has something for everyone.

Homespun Mercies

By DJ Hill

Debut collection by poet and visual artist  DJ Hill, winner of the  2019 CIPA EVVY Award in Poetry and an  International Book Award finalist.

Love Is...

By Cathy Heyliger

A book about acceptance, identity, and sexuality geared towards children. Written by Cathy Heyliger, a Montessori preschool teacher and mother of three, this book serves to help parents and children navigate the complexity of self-acceptance and self-love during a time when young children are finding their own identity in this world.

Memoirs of a River Vol 2

By Charlotte Graham

A second collection of short vignettes on the history of the people and places from the Crystal Valley as told be one of the Valley's long-time locals.  

Protecting a Valley and Saving a River

By F. Darrell Munsell

This book tells the true story of the grassroots organization Crystal Valley Environmental Protection Association (CVEPA) and how they fought to protect the Crystal River Valley in the West Elk Mountains of Colorado from local development projects.

Sudden Storm

By Clark W. Heckert

An action-packed fictional story following ex Naval Seal Keith Maddox and his attempt to stop a Russian harvesting plot from destroying the ozone. Keith embarks on a journey across three continents pitted against his nemesis Nikolai Pronin, a Russian KGB agent determined to block Keith at every turn. It’ll take all of Keith’s training and the support of his friends and family to stop the Russians and save the atmosphere from destruction.

What Will Become Of Clay

By Lois Jacobson

The story of a lump of clay being shaped on the potter’s wheel and deciding he doesn’t want to be a cup, as the potter intends, but a bowl instead. This is a story of grace, redemption and love, as Clay realizes he is unhappy as a bowl, and how the potter helps lead him back to his true path. It is an allegory for all ages, designed to inspire faith in God’s plan for everyone.

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Women Peacemakers

By Barbe Chambliss, PhD

A collection of interviews, done by Dr. Barbe Chambliss, of fifteen women around the world whom she describes as doing peacemaking work. Each woman has her own chapter, detailing the struggles that inspired her to incite change, and the legacy she has left behind. 

Alma Mater

By Pamela Borden Heckert

A historical fiction novel loosely based on the real lives of seven Candaidan girls who attended St Mary’s Hall, a church-oriented boarding school in New Jersey that provided better education opportunities for women than were currently available in Canada during the late 1800s. The narrative follows these girls’ adventures in school and the various courses their lives take afterward, during which they experience the joys, challenges, and sorrows of women living in the 1800s—and above all, the endurance of schoolgirl friendships. 

Beyond The Walls

By Gayle Embry

Beyond The Walls is a one of a kind book that tells in-depth the stories behind the murals, as told by murals and community members, in seven countries: Argentina, Australia, El Salvador, Israel/Palestinian Authority, Liberia, Northern Ireland, and the United States.

Cry of the Hawk

By Helen Kline

Follows the lives of two native American best friends from the peaceful days of pre-reservation life through the encroachment of white settlers and the Natives' struggles to preserve their ways. A well researched page-turner told from the Native American perspective that brings history to life.

Finding Genuine Happiness

By Sandro Torres Cigarroa

The personal account of fitness trainer Sandro Torres through the early loss and hardship that marked his younger years in Mexico, and how he overcame them to be a successful fitness trainer in Colorado. Torres tells his story with a raw intensity and shares the wisdom that helped lead him from a deep depression to a fulfilling life of service and genuine happiness.


By Dan Tawczynski

Green is a collection of short stories (just a few of many) spanning from childhood events, adulthood lessons, and the formation of Taft Farms, all of which have shaped my life, on the land and elsewhere. In most cases, names have been changed to protect the innocent, or the guilty, as the case may be, but one thing remains true throughout I am the luckiest person I know. I think the reader will agree. 

- Dan Tawczynski

Just Create!

By Carmen Grace Sheilds

 A collection of poetry and exercises compiled by the author to help others overcome grief. This book shares her experience of navigating through her own “Grief Wilderness” and serves to help others do the same. 

A Song and Story of Magic Mountain

By Lisa Dancing-Light

A story about a talking mountain that goes to sleep after people stop coming to hear his stories and begin tearing down the forest around Magic for construction. When two children later come to camp with their parents in the valley of Magic Mountain, they learn about Magic from a wise old owl and decide to journey up the mountain to see if they can awaken him and hear his stories.

Middle World

By Nicole Beinstein

Combining magical realism with historical fiction, The Middle World explores the relationship between healing past tragedies and overcoming present-day struggles through the power of chevron’s clarity and innocence.


By F. Darrell & Jane Munsell

John Cleveland Osgood’s Ruby of the Rockies documents the founding of Redstone and personal history of its enigmatic founder, John Cleveland Osgood. Based on years of research, Ruby of the Rockies takes the reader through life in Redstone during the early 1900s and Cleveland’s riches and losses during his time in Colorado.

The JimJim Series

By Duane Ziegler

A series that follows a mouse named JimJim and his family who live near Sylvan Lake in the Rocky Mountains as they embark on adventures near their home, and later travel to Las Vegas. JimJim and his family make many friends along the way and learn the importance of helping others and trusting in themselves.

Who's That I Hear

By DJ Hill

Things go 'bump' in the night! But it's not a monster under our young hero's bed—follow along on this journey as he works up the courage to find the source of the sound for himself.

America's New Revolution

By Randy Fricke

America's New Revolution gives new meaning to an economic, social, and political revolution in America, and provides a vision of how Main Street America can create its own economy that will open a door to a new American Dream. This book illustrates how the two major parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, are responsible for America's current economic, social, and political ills. Allow America's New Revolution to open the door to a new American Dream with a real working democracy.

Capture The Wind

By Helen Kline

The continuing saga of Blackfoot Indian Henry Kidd, now on the trail of a serial killer. A harrowing tale of love and loss, murder and redemption, that will keep the reader enthralled until the dramatic conclusion.

Dancing Between Two Worlds

By Mabel Macdonald

A collection of essays that take a critical look through an anthropological lens of women’s role in a patriarchal society. It is a book designed to challenge long-standing views of what it means to be a woman in a man’s world, tackling a range of topics from difficulties in the work force and house duties, to sexual assault and objectification. 

Flight of the Samurai

By Clark W. Heckert

The action-packed sequel to Sudden Storm, following ex-Naval Seal Keith Maddox after the events of the first book. Keith and his friends are back for more adventure, this time getting entangled in a deadly plot when Keith and his ROV team stumble upon weapons of mass destruction at the bottom of the ocean not from this world—weapons that his nemesis, Nikolai Pronin, will do anything to get his hands on.

Harmony Souls

By Suvannaha Keshaun Martin

Harmony Souls is a collection of faith-inspired poems that follow author Suvannaha Martin through the ups and downs of love, loss, and redemption as she navigates relationships with men, God, and herself. Her poetry reflects the tumultuous nature of love in all its forms and the grit and perseverance that come with healing and coming into your own identity. With these poems, Martin hopes to share her journey and inspiration with others to promote positive change and self-growth. 

Lose Weight Permanently

By Sandro Torress Cigarroa

 A collection of tips for successful weight loss from Fitness Coach and Trainer Sandro Torres. Torres promotes healthy eating, a regular fitness routine, and realistic goal setting over an extreme fad diet to effectively lose weight. A great reader for anyone looking to lose weight or improve his/her lifestyle.

Memoirs of a River Vol 1

By Charlotte Graham

A collection of short vignettes on the history of the people and places from the Crystal Valley as told be one of the Valley's long-time locals.  

Pearl Handled Colts

By Helen Kline

The exciting adventures of a young Blackfoot Indian who, after escaping the hangman’s noose for a crime he didn’t commit, goes on to succeed in a world of outlaws and gunfighters.

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Sammy Puffin (Series)

By Duane Ziegler

A series that follows a young Puffin named Sammy who lives with his family off the coast of Newfoundland. Sammy learns the many lessons of Puffin life and later raises his own boys who seem to find trouble wherever they go.

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The Secret Life of
Rocky Mountain Badgers

By Ginny Glenn

The Secret Life of the Rocky Mountain Badger describes the life cycle of Rocky Mountain badgers on the slopes of Colorado through Ginny Glenn’s poetic rhyme. An informational and entertaining read for children and adults.

Witty Kitty

By Jane Bachrach

The Witty Kitty follows a feline poet that develops a sudden allergy to the beloved humans he reads to. Follow the Witty Kitty and his mice friends as they search for answers to his strange ailment.