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The New Option For Independent Authors

Empowered Publishing

A Publishing Option Designed For Authors 

What is 

Empowered Publishing?

In the world of traditional publishing, authors often find themselves relinquishing much of their creative control and potential earnings. With self-publishing so much of the process is a mystery and all of the work falls on the author. At Light of the Moon, Inc., we're challenging this norm with Empowered Publishing.

Empowered Publishing is a model that places authors at the helm of their creative journey. It's about granting authors complete creative control and total financial rights to their work. This approach allows authors to retain their unique voice and vision, and reap the full benefits of their effort. In essence, Empowered Publishing keeps the power with the authors - where it rightfully belongs.

What Is Empowered Publishing
We believe in the power of stories and the individuals who bring them to life. Our commitment is to help authors retain full creative control, rights, and royalties to their work, fostering a truly independent publishing journey.
- Alyssa & Olivia -
Co-Owners of 
Light of the Moon, Inc.

The Need for
Empowered Publishing

Perhaps you've heard stories of authors who had to compromise their dreams or accept less-than-favorable terms to see their works published. Authors who have had to live with a cover they dislike, or verbiage that isn't true to their voice. Empowered Publishing is our response to these challenges as we aim to change this narrative.


It's not just about making publishing accessible, it's about making it fair, rewarding, and author-centric.


How We Champion Empowered Publishing

We're committed to providing the tools, resources, and guidance you need to bring your unique visions to life, all while ensuring you retain complete
ownership and control of your work.

You Retain Full Creative Control

You Keep 100% Of The Rights and Royalties 

We Tailor Our Services To Fit Your Needs

You Get a Small and Dedicated Support Team

How We Do It
Our Services

We have something for everyone. We help authors at every stage of their publishing journey. Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your author brand to the next level, we have a solution for you.





Knowledge is Power


Transparency and education are at the heart of Empowered Publishing at Light of the Moon, Inc.


We believe that the more you know about the publishing process, the more empowered you'll be to make decisions that are right for you.


We're here to guide you, coach you, and help you navigate the publishing world with confidence.

Are You Ready?
At Light of the Moon, Inc., we're proud to be at the forefront of the Empowered Publishing movement.

If you're ready to take control of your publishing journey and want to learn more about how Empowered Publishing can reshape your experience, book a Free Discovery Call with us today.
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