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Image by Jessica Ruscello

Our Services

Light of the Moon, Inc is Different

Our foremost goal is to help you become a Published Author!
We don't take any rights to your work, we don't act as a middle-man between you and your printer, and we don't pass you off to a 1-800 number after signing.

We DO go through the entire process with you, we offer custom packages that are tailored to you and your book, and we build strong relationships with our authors.

Our authors become part of our LOTM Family and our support goes far past your publish date.

Invest in Yourself

Self-publishing is an investment in your goals, your dreams, and in yourself.

Our books are our stories and you deserve to tell yours!

Image by Jessica Ruscello

Our Services

We are here to provide you with everything you need on your self-publishing journey. 

After meeting with you to learn more about your book, your vision, and your goals,

we create a custom publishing package for you.

Project Management

Each book requires a different publishing path—one that is full of unique twists and turns. We design, guide, and oversee your journey through the whole process and will help you navigate it with confidence and ease.

Layout & Design

Work with our award-winning graphic designer who specializes in book layout and design. We never use templates, so your book will not only be professionally designed, but also custom-made to fit your vision as an author.

Production & Printing

We work with both Print-on-Demand and Traditional printers and help our authors choose the path that is best for them. From selecting a size for your book, to digitizing your illustrations, to getting your first copy of your book into your hands, we help you navigate through the details and specifics of self-publishing.

Marketing & Publicity 

The book is printed and you are ready to launch! Do so with confidence as we supply you with everything you need as a self-published author: media kits, social media banners, media outreach, and much more. Based on your vision and goals, we customize a strategic marketing plan for you and your book.

Editing & Proofreading

It’s vital to have your book professionally edited and proofread before going to print, which is why we have partnered with a team of highly trusted editors and writing coaches. We help connect you to the perfect professional to fit your book and its unique needs.

DIY Publishing Consulting

Want to do it yourself? Or have a specific part with which you need extra help? We offer consulting and coaching services to help you through the process! With our à la carte menu and 1:1 consulting, we are here to help you with any part of your project.

Publishing Packages are custom made and range anywhere from $3000 - $15,000.
We have payment plans available. These services are also available à la carte.

From Our Authors

We are honored that 100% of our authors, that decide to self-publish again, choose to come back to us.

We are so grateful for these amazing authors and the opportunity to help them tell their stories! 

Jessica Morgan.jpeg

Jessica Morgan

Author of Repaired by Love, Healed by Grace

I truly felt led by God when I started this journey having no idea what I was jumping into. Your company has been 100% amazing and if I ever get the chance to publish again, I will come RUNNING back to you! I’m so appreciative of all of your help! 

IMG_20181106_144744 LIGHTER(2).jpg

Jim Hawkins

Author of We're In First

My experience with Alyssa and her staff has been totally positive. This is my second book and Light of the Moon Publishing has made the process smooth and efficient. It is invaluable to have advice and assistance from Alyssa. 

Will Evans.jpg

William Evans, MD

Author of Circulating Source Water

I am happy to report Light of the Moon Publishing delivered on the skills and commitment which enables me to be stand tall and speak with conviction on behalf of the story I have to tell. We were a winning team.

Cathy Heyliger.jpg

Kathy Heyliger

Author of Love Is... & Everyone Has a Heartlight

Light of the Moon Publishing has been so helpful in getting my books out in the world. They are kind and patient and have helpful hints and ideas on how to make your work look professional and ready to be out there!

Many thanks to Light of the Moon!


Sandro Torres Cigrroa 

Author of Finding Genuine Happiness & Lose Weight Permanently

I published my book before I hired Light of the Moon Inc. It was expensive, royalties were low and I had no control over my book. Alyssa is very patient and works with you with the design, layout and anything you can think when is about publishing a book. Highly recommended for

self publishing.

To read full versions of these reviews, and to read more, please go to our Google Reviews and/or our Facebook Reviews.

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