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Our Story

Your Partners in Self-Publishing

Meet the Mother-Daughter duo behind Light of the Moon, Inc. who set out with the goal
to create a company that takes the mystery out of self-publishing and is based on
collaboration, trust, and partnership.

Alyssa, a graphic designer of 40+ years, has been working with individual authors in layout and design since 2009. In late 2017, she came across an author who wanted to re-publish but had a very unfortunate experience with a self-publishing company a few years before. It was over the course of working with this client, and learning what had happened, that Alyssa found the inspiration to start a self-publishing division of her long-time graphic design company, Light of the Moon, Inc.


Olivia had just completed her B.S. in Communications and had started Whispering Wind Marketing, her social media marketing company, when the two of them met for coffee in 2018. And over this cup of coffee, Alyssa started to share her ideas with Olivia: how can we start a full-service

self-publishing company that helps and advocates for self-publishing authors?


It was right then and there that a new direction for Light of the Moon, Inc was born.


Built on the foundation of collaboration, trust, and, partnership—Light of the Moon, Inc is here to offer you a partner in self-publishing. It’s our goal to ensure that your self-publishing journey is as seamless as possible. With our custom-made packages to fit your individual needs, a la carte services, and our DIY Publishing Consulting and Coaching, we have something for everyone.


We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your book, vision, and goals!


With gratitude,


Alyssa and Olivia

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