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If you are an indie author, or an aspiring one, getting yourself familiar with is a really great thing to do!

Launched earlier this year, is an online book store that supports indie authors and raises money to support indie bookstores around the country! Essentially, it is the opposite of


As the Chicago Tribune pointed out, “ hopes to play Rebel Alliance to Amazon’s Empire.”


So, what does that mean for all of you, indie authors? How does benefit you?

This organization gives over 75% of its profit margin to support indie stores, publishers, and authors! Their main goal is to create a thriving culture around books and book stores. It is no secret that selling your books at an independent bookstore is beneficial. You can build a partnership with that bookstore’s community and consequently boost your sales. Not to mention the possibility of book signings and readings!

With indie bookstores benefit financially from, you as an indie author too will benefit!

Check out more at to learn about their amazing Affiliate Program and how to start to use as an author!

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