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braveing the way by Laurel C Fox

braveing the way by Laurel C Fox

braveing the way

By Laurel C Fox


When Laurel's fourteen-year-old daughter experiences a life-altering event, her entire world is upended overnight. Faced with her child's precarious fight to survive and the daunting road of rehabilitation ahead, Laurel discovers fountains of courage and devotion she didn't know she possessed.

Despite the hardships and her own private grief, Laurel tackles each grueling day with positivity, resilience, and humor. She becomes a tireless advocate for her daughter by pushing past exhaustion and uncertainty, focusing on savoring small triumphs, finding meaning amidst tragedy, and opening the door to the healing force of community.

Sharing her deeply personal experience, she delivers an emotionally charged story that reveals the extraordinary power of a mother's love, underscoring the lengths a parent will go to for their children. Laurel's own self-discovery will both encourage and inspire you.

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