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Capture The Wind by Helen Kline

Capture The Wind by Helen Kline

Capture The Wind

By Helen Kline


Book Two in the U.S. Marshal Kidd Series

Capture the Wind continues the thrilling story of U.S.Marshal Henry Kidd, who was first encountered in Helen Kline’s Pearl Handled Colts. Marshal Kidd is a member of the Blackfoot Indian Tribe, a fact that sometimes causes him problems with the settlers and outlaws in the territories he travels. Early on, Marshall Kidd singlehandedly takes on and destroys the notoriously deadly Avery Gang.


He fights outlaws and horse thieves. Along the way, he encounters U.S.Marshal Sam Colden, whose reputation for bravery and heroism is well known throughout the West. A beautiful woman, Angela, arrives by stage coach and threatens the budding friendship between Kidd and Colden. However, they soon join forces to bring down the elusive serial killer who has left a trail of death and destruction, indiscriminately wiping out entire families, across the West.


A tale of love and loss, murder and redemption, Capture the Wind will keep the reader enthralled to the dramatic conclusion.


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