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Cry Of The Hawk by Helen Kline

Cry Of The Hawk by Helen Kline

Cry Of The Hawk

By Helen Kline


Cry of the Hawk follows the lives of Oeock and Oral, two Native American best friends. Helen Kline’s excellent narrative takes us through the peaceful days of pre-reservation life; the encroachment of the mountain men, trappers, and white settlers; and the Native’s struggles to preserve their old way of life by eventually emigrating to Canada.


The second part of the book tells the story of their sons, Little Hawk and Red Fox, and Oeock’s eventual reuniting with Little Hawk, the son he never knew he had, but who had been revealed to him in an old medicine man’s vision of a boy and a hawk.


This is a well researched, real page-turner, told from the Native American perspective that brings history to life.


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