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Flight of the Samurai by Clark W. Heckert

Flight of the Samurai by Clark W. Heckert

Flight of the Samauri

By Clark W. Heckert


Sequal to Sudden Storm

The page-turning sequel to Clark W. Heckert's first novel, Sudden Storm! Following the dramatic events in the conclusion of Sudden Storm, Keith Maddox returns to his air charter business in Aspen, but it isn’t long before he accepts an appealing offer for some much-needed R and R at sea in the South Pacific doing marine research work for his old boss, Admiral RTD Robert Jessel.


What was supposed to be an idyllic Pacific underwater research study becomes a dangerous adventure when Keith’s ROV team discover lost World War Two weapons of mass destruction at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean that are not from this world. Shortly thereafter, Keith is summoned home to Colorado to investigate his business partner Marty’s abduction by North Koreans.


With Keith’s nemesis Nikolai Pronin controlling events behind the scenes in an attempt to attain the weapons for himself, can Keith and his friends free Marty and secure the weapons before it’s too late?


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