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Harmony Souls by Suvannaha Keshaun Martin

Harmony Souls by Suvannaha Keshaun Martin

Harmony Souls - The Heart of Spiritual Love

By Suvannaha Keshaun Martin


Harmony Souls is a collection of faith-inspired poems that follow author Suvannaha Martin through the ups and downs of love, loss, and redemption as she navigates relationships with men, God, and herself.


Her poetry reflects the tumultuous nature of love in all its forms and the grit and perseverance that come with healing and coming into your own identity. With these poems, Martin hopes to share her journey and inspiration with others to promote positive change and self-growth.


"This is my first published work and I am so excited to share it with you! My hope is to inspire my readers to embrace their personal journeys of self-love, self-discovery, and inner faith. I hope my life journey works as a pathway for you to discover the self-love you have always had within. Embrace those special moments and give yourself the opportunity to, first and foremost, love yourself. My Heavenly Creator has always shown me how he loves me. And he created me to achieve all that I am. The one take away I wish for you to have is to Never Give Up On Your Dreams."


- Suvannaha Martin, Author and Poet


This book is available through Click Here to order now!

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