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In The Spirit Of Hope by Dick Durrance

In The Spirit Of Hope by Dick Durrance

In The Spirit Of Hope

By Dick Durrance

Photographers from virtually every photographic discipline will find stories they can relate to in In the Spirit of Hope, which spans Dick Durrance’s 58-year career in professional photography.


The photos in this book feature a wide variety of photographic subjects—combat photography in Vietnam, photojournalism as a National Geographic Magazine staff photographer, corporate photography for some of the world's largest companies, global advertising campaigns for top advertising agencies, landscape photographs as a licensee of the National Parks Foundation, as well as golf course photography for the large golf course management companies and the PGA Tour.


Throughout his career, Dick has also kept a personal black-and-white photographic journal he feels reflects thoughts and emotions we all carry in our minds, photographs that will be published for the first time.


Through reflecting on a lifetime of work and travels in these pages, Dick hopes to show the spirit of hope in the world is still alive and well, even in the darkest of times.


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