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Pearl Handled Colts by Helen Kline

Pearl Handled Colts by Helen Kline

Pearl Handled Colts

By Helen Kline


Book One in the U.S. Marshal Kidd Series

Escaping the hangman’s noose for a crime he did not commit, a young Blackfoot Indian boy is thrust into a frightening adventure of outlaws and gunfighters. He befriends an outlaw who would teach “The Kidd” the art of the fast draw in the life of the gunslinger.


Later The Kidd would have to choose to either be the hunter or the hunted. Known as U.S. Marshal Kidd, it would be his duty to hunt down and bring in the man who was his friend and bring him to justice.


Could The Kidd face those Pearl Handled Colts? Was he fast enough to outdraw him? Or would he have to kill his best and only friend and mentor, Johnny Durango.


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