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Sudden Storm by Clark W. Heckert

Sudden Storm by Clark W. Heckert

Sudden Storm

By Clark W. Heckert

Prior to the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Russian Politburo is using the vast resources of their space program to secretly modify weather in the fertile Ukraine when they realize their illegal harvest boosting operation is about to be discovered by the United Nations. In a desperate move to prevent discovery by the Global Climate Survey System, the Politburo votes to use their weather modifying system to create a series of devastating hurricanes off Cape Canaveral, the launch site of the U.N. Survey System.


Their actions start a snowball of events, pitting ex-Navy SEAL Keith Maddox against his nemesis Nikolai Pronin, a ruthless KGB agent with a grudge from his failed post-war mission in Vietnam. The story moves across three continents as Keith, his business partner Marty, retired Admiral Jessel, and a band of his father’s World War Two Austrian resistance fighters struggle to expose the Soviet plot before the dangerous chemicals released from the Russian-made storms destroy the Earth’s ozone layer.


But with the Soviets releasing a final mega-storm out of desperation, and Pronin blocking him at every turn, can Keith and his friends stop the monstrous hurricane before it’s too late and the ozone is destroyed?


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