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180 on God

180 on God

180 on God 

By Runne, Self, Hill, and Hammons


Why should you read this book?


Well, primarily because we wrote this book with YOU in mind!


This isn’t a book to convert you to a religion and it’s not a book to make you feel good or feel guilty! The book is, however, one of a kind and could well start a new movement based on one’s personal direct relationship with God.


The authors of this book believe the questions inside could start a discussion between you and the God of the universe, who wants and welcomes a relationship with you! It’s not about church, or dogma, or “thou shalt nots”… it’s about the sacred ground of your heart coming to know the One who calls you. Perhaps you’re one of the many who’ve given up on church or organized religion but not on God. God is readily available to each person and there is no one; no priest, no pastor, no pope, and no program that is needed to come to the One who loves you.


What is required? Nothing more than a heart with honest seeking and authentic interest. You actually bring that to the table when you read this book and we hope that you’ll find much more than just our writings within. Treasure is for those who seek and find. And just like this book, the next step is in your hands! ~ JR, CH, DS, JH


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