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Women Peacemakers by Barbe Chambliss, MD

Women Peacemakers by Barbe Chambliss, MD

Women Peacemakers - What We Can Learn From Them

By Barbe Chambliss M.D.

In a world framed by digital screens and talking heads, fifteen women quietly invited Barbe Chambliss into their lives to share intimate conversations about how they make peace.


Sparked by a curiosity about how peace is actually created, this mediator and psychotherapist from Colorado zigzagged the globe to interview a willing pool of peacemakers where they live.


In her book, Chambliss shares the remarkable stories of this wildly diverse cadre of women change agents, from an Israeli soldier to an Irish nun, a paralyzed Olympic skier to a young Zimbabwean orphan who now directs the esteemed Future of Hope Foundation.


We see individual tactics meld into a pool of common strategies for crafting genuine peace. Chambliss calls them “Lessons Learned from the Peacemakers,” offering them as practices that anyone can integrate into daily life to foster individual and communal peace.


She invites each reader to commit to doing one or more acts of peacemaking and then share their results with her, ultimately expanding these fifteen stories into multiples stories of peacemaking by neighbors, by refugees, by prisoners, by environmentalists and all manner of diverse sources.


This book is both a deeply entertaining read and a guidebook, crafted by inspiration and calling to everyone on earth who is willing to be counted among the ranks of Conscious Peacemakers.


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