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Our Services

Self-Publishing is an Investment in Yourself

When you decide to self-publish, you are investing in your dreams, hopes, and goals.

Our Services

We are here to provide you with everything you need in your self-publishing journey.  After meeting with you to learn more about your book, your vision, and your goals, we create a custom publishing package for you.

Project Management

Each book requires a different publishing path—one that is full of unique twists and turns. We design, guide, and oversee your journey through the whole process and will help you navigate it with confidence and ease.

Editing & Proofreading

It’s vital to have your book professionally edited and proofread before going to print, which is why we have partnered with a team of highly trusted editors and writing coaches. We help connect you to the perfect professional to fit your book and its unique needs.

Marketing & Publicity 

The book is printed and you are ready to launch! Do so with confidence as we supply you with everything you need as a self-published author: media kits, social media banners, media outreach, and much more. Based on your vision and goals, we customize a strategic marketing plan for you and your book.

Production & Printing

We work with both Print-on-Demand and Traditional printers and help our authors choose the path that is best for them, their book, and their goals. From selecting a size for your book, to digitizing your illustrations, to getting your first copy of your book into your hands,we help you navigate through the details and specifics of self-publishing.

Layout & Design

Work with our award-winning graphic designer who specializes in book layout and design. We never use templates, so your book will not only be professionally designed, but also custom-made to fit your vision as an author.

DIY Publishing Consulting

Want to do it yourself? Or have a specific part with which you need extra help? We offer consulting and coaching services to help you through the process! With our a la carte menu and 1:1 consulting, we are here to help you with any part of your project.

Image by Jessica Ruscello
Will Evans.jpg

William Evans, MD - Author of Circulating Source Water

I worked hard on my book, but I realized it was necessary for my publisher to match my effort with adequate skills and follow through, if we were to end up with a publication I could put forward with full confidence.

I am happy to report Light of the Moon Publishing delivered on the skills and commitment which enables me to be stand tall and speak with conviction on behalf of the story I have to tell. We were a winning team.

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