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Cover Designs: What You Should Know As An Indie Author

We all know the phrase, "Don't judge a book by its cover." However, it's no secret people do just that! Sadly, no matter how brilliant your words are, without a captivating cover, your book could lose the sales you know it deserves! For this reason, as a self-publishing author, when the time comes to design your book cover, you want your book to have an eye-catching layout! 

But how does one go about getting that alluring cover? There are a number of ways to get a great cover for your book from do-it-yourself ideas to hiring a talented design professional. Our goal is to help you discover the best way to find a cover design option that works for you and your budget. This will ultimately help your book stand out on the shelf! 


For your book cover, there are usually two choices: hire a professional or create one yourself.

Finding a Professional: 

While there are many places to go to hire a professional designer—from online services that connect freelance artists with clients like Fivver or Upwork to searching out a high-end design studio—it has been our experience that authors benefit most from a personal relationship with someone who understands the scope of the project and the technical requirements of the art as well.

For the Ambitious: Do-It-Yourself

Another option is to DIY your cover! There are a variety of platforms and software available to use to create your own cover, from online services like Canva to professional programs like Photoshop. While DIY is a great option, we suggest having someone who has an eye for graphic design look it over to help ensure your design is good to go. (You’ll also need to make sure your cover art is created to the correct specifications, which varies if you are doing a print book, an ebook, or both.) Similarly to how you had an editor look over your manuscript, getting this second opinion will help you publish with confidence! 

There are many ways to get that perfect, eye-catching design! Depending on the one that fits your vision and budget, we hope this information helps you on your self-publishing journey, and while there are a number of great options out there, it still doesn't compare to having a graphic design artist on your team helping you every step of the way. When working with us at Light of the Moon, Inc. you will be working closely with our award-winning graphic designer, Alyssa Ohnmacht. She will help you take your cover from concept to completion while still giving you creative say and license. 

If you are an author who is ready to self-publish and wants a small and dedicated team behind you, click here to learn more!

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